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Been away from the posts for a few days, but I knew this was one I wanted to tackle.

Creativity has always been important to me. When I was younger, I thought I was going to be a fiction writer. I’ve had a bit of success, here and there, at short fiction. Thing is, there’s not much of a market for short fiction, and I’m not sure I’m a novelist at heart. I don’t have BIG IDEAS. I’m kind of lousy at plotting.

My creativity manifests in other ways, though. I’ve been doing calligraphy since I was in high school, and I maintain an Etsy shop where I sell my calligraphy and paper crafts.

Lately, though, it’s been coming out in the form of songwriting. Well, lyric writing. I’m not a musician, but I am married to one. 🙂 And being married to one has brought me into a whole community that has nurtured and supported this creativity.

The past two years, I’ve participated in something called February Album Writing Month. (That link goes to my profile.) The idea is to write 14 songs-an album’s worth-in 28 days. Now, I haven’t made it to 14, or anywhere near, but it’s been a useful exercise anyway. This year, I posted three things…one of them, a lyric that’s been around for a while that has finally been set to music. I ended up adding two lyrics that aren’t quite finished. In my drafts I also have a Peggy Carter song (tentatively “Do as Peggy Says”) that I’ve been trying to write this for a year now. I’ve made a little bit of movement, but It’s giving me a rough time. There’s also a chorus inspired by a FB post conversation that still doesn’t have a song, and two brainstorming lists that I’m hopeful will turn into something at some point. I call that a win.

All of this is moving toward an album that Rand and I are going to record this year. (eep!)

All of this is to say that, while I’m not doing what I once thought I would be doing, I’m really happy with my creative life right now. I love being able to create and collaborate and feel supported and enriched by it.

(The poster imaged above features lyrics from the song “Take it Back” by Kathleen Sloan. It’s based on a speech made by Barry and Sally Childs-Helton when they were inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame. I am proud and humbled to count these people among my friends.)


Mar. 3rd, 2017 10:10 am
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(Yes, I am a day behind. I’ll catch up eventually…)

I sometimes make fun of Heart a little bit for going all ballad-y (and less rock-y) in the 80s. But this song. Is. So. Good. The ultimate power ballad.

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So, I did the facebook “10 album” meme that’s been going around, but I had some additional thoughts. And I thought, “Oh yeah, I have a blog! So here goes.

First, a repost of the 10 (okay, 11) I posted to facebook, covering roughly the years 1987-1993

True Blue-Madonna

Licensed to Ill-Beastie Boys (Yeah, I know the many ways this album is, uh, problematic. I also know it’s not the best Beastie Boys album. But I was 13, and I listened to it A LOT.)

Batman Soundtrack-Prince Well, y’know, Prince. 

Faith-George Michael

Appetite for Destruction-Guns ‘n Roses

New Jersey-Bon Jovi I loved Bon Jovi so, so much, you guys.

Hysteria-Def Leppard

Rhythm Nation 1814-Janet Jackson

Blacks’ Magic-Salt n Pepa

River of Dreams-Billy Joel

Bat Out of Hell-Meatloaf This obviously did not come out while I was a teenager, but my high school years were when I got into it. Also, It’s a miracle that it took me so long to figure out that the man responsible for these songs also wrote “Making Love (Out of Nothing at All)” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.

My taste in music could best be described as “mainstream.” 🙂

Here are some albums that were important to me earlier in life:

Annie-Original Broadway recording When the movie version of Annie came out, I had been listening to this album for a couple of years. I was kind of a tiny hipster, annoyed by how different it was. The songs that were left out. The songs that were created/added. I still prefer this version. Oh, and as a side note, we’ve been re-watching 30 Rock, and it tickles me how much Tina Fey (or someone in the writers’ room) loves Annie. The songs come up rather frequently.

Grease soundtrack (movie)

Just Sylvia-Sylvia my mom had this album, and I was obsessed with the song “Nobody.” I would pretend that I was going to sing it on a gameshow. (which I think might have been the 80s version of The Gong Show?)

*honorable mention: “Eye in the Sky”-Alan Parsons Project…it doesn’t get a full spot because I only bought the 45, but it was the first music I purchased with my own money*

Air Supply-Greatest Hits  I had originally stayed away from including greatest hits collections, but this one was a huge part of my childhood. My mom had it on cassette…in my memory, it was a copy, and it had Bonnie Tyler on the other side.

The Other Side of Life-The Moody Blues My dad was a huge fan of The Moody Blues, and I remember listening to many of their albums on cassette, in the car. I know not everyone is a fan of this record, but I liked it quite a bit (and was kind of obsessed with the single, “Your Wildest Dreams.”)

Hi Infidelity-REO Speedwagon I really, really liked this album when I was 9. In fact, I got in trouble for bringing it to school once, due to the risque cover.

She’s So Unusual-Cyndi Lauper

Hangin’ Tough-New Kids on the Block I went on a trip to the beach with my friend Heather and her family the summer I turned 14. We had a tape that had Hangin’ Tough on one side, and Appetite for Destruction on the other. It’s really kind of hilarious.

Dirty Dancing soundtrack who else can sing the Kellerman’s anthem?

And a few later (college/after college) offerings:

Pop! (The First Twenty Hits)-Erasure This is just one of the greatest hits albums that was a very big thing for me when I was first building my CD collection–which didn’t happen for me until early college. Billy Joel. Journey. Styx. Queen. REO Speedwagon. etc.

Jesus Christ Superstar-Original London recording

Les Miserables-complete symphonic recording

I never would have discovered my love for these musicals if it hadn’t been for my roomie/bestie Jen…

Jagged Little Pill- Alanis Morrissette I admit, I wasn’t on board the Alanis train right away. I was, in fact, kind of put off by the aggression and what, at the time, I felt was vulgarity of “You Oughta Know. Then, I don’t know, a year or so later, I went through a bitter breakup and was all “AND I’M HEEEEEEERE TO REMIIIIIIND YOU…”

Shakespeare My Butt-Lowest of the Low This is the quintessential album for surviving your 20s. It’s about being broke, getting fired, falling in love, breaking up, and trying to figure out your place in the world.

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

This is a new song Rand and I have been working on…we’re trying hard to have it ready to debut in a circle at this weekend’s FilKONtario. We also plan to perform it in our concert at Marcon in May.

UPDATE: we now have video, thanks to the awesome Tom and Sue Jeffers. 😀

I can roar like a lion, though I look more like a lamb
And I know I’m so much stronger than you all think that I am
I’ll stand up for every person in the world who’s ever heard
Someone say, “You’re not a fighter, you’re just a girl”

I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight until I’ve won
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll show ’em how it’s done
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll make them all eat their words
And fight like a girl

I’ve taken down vampires, zombies, Sith lords, reavers, and spies
I’ve escaped from countless supervillains without the help of the guys
I’ve destroyed evil empires and cheated death like a pro
With my stake, my katana, my battle staves, and my bow

(Repeat chorus)


My name is Kamala, Natasha, Michonne
It’s Katniss, it’s Zoe, it’s Sarah, the clone
Buffy, Veronica, Bobbi, Barbara, Diana, Melinda, and Rey
Call me Leia, or Sydney, or Peggy, or Carol, or Kara or October Daye

I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight because I’m right
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight all day and night
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight the dark with the light
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll punch, kick, and bite
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight with all my might
I’ll fight like a girl
I might even decide to not fight

I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll fight until I’ve won
I’ll fight like a girl
I’ll show ’em how it’s done
I’ll fight like a girl
Til everyone in the world has heard
I’ll fight like a girl


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Okay, so I kind of like Taylor Swift.

Look, I know she's not perfect. I know she has a shaky understanding of literature. I know she has an immature teenage angsty way of looking at romance


The amount of hate directed toward her on the internet, particularly by "feminist" bloggers, makes me really, really sad. The latest post I saw blasts her for saying some mildly dumb things in an interview (including an answer to a question that asked if she thought of herself as a feminist).

The girl is 22. Twenty-two.

I don't know about you, but I was an idiot when I was 22. I am SO GLAD there isn't a record of things I said/did/created between the ages of 15 and 22.

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Hello, musician friends. I need some advice.

I have decided that I am going to learn how to play the ukulele. I read some advice posted online (by someone we know) that suggested looking at Lanakai, and I found one online. Then we went out to Guitar Center so we could actually see and hold some. They did not have the one I looked at fact, they only had a couple of Lanikais and they were pretty low-end ones. 

Rand has successfully convinced me to get an electric-acoustic, so that's what I'm focused on.

Then we looked at this one (a Cordoba), which is more expensive but looked and sounded really nice. The salesman, who is a player (and has many ukes of his own), said it was his favorite.

They are both tenor ukeleles. I didn't really know going in what I was looking for. Obviously, since I couldn't see it in person, I don't know what the first one actually sounds like. Also, I didn't know how quickly I was looking to buy, but Guitar Center has a $30 coupon that expires tomorrow. Uke #2 also comes with a pretty nice padded gig bag.

Anyway, I am terrible at making decisions like this, so I thought I'd ask the internet for some advice. Thanks! :)
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So, I've apparently lost the livejournal crossposter that I was using over at wordpress...and I've actually posted! Several times! Here's the most recent:

As a part of my "trying to be all-around healthier and happier," I've decided that I'm going to do better with getting some regular exercise. I was doing pretty well with walking in the summer and early fall, and then that kind of, well, went away.

I recently dusted off my gym membership (BAC...I may look for another, less expensive gym when this membership expires...), and I've been mostly just walking on the treadmill using my iPhone app.

I really like this app--it analyzes your music, and plays music according to the pace of your walk or run. Here are some of my current favorite walking songs:
  • Bad Medicine/Keep the Faith--Bon Jovi

  • Bad Romance/Teeth/Lovegame--Lady Gaga

  • King of Spain--Moxy Fruvous

  • Gettin' Jiggy Wit It--Will Smith

  • Under the Carlaw Bridge--Lowest of the Low

  • Up!--Shania Twain

  • Without Me--Eminem

  • New Sensation--INXS

  • Happy Girl/My Baby Loves Me--Martina McBride

  • Cold, Cold Heart--Midge Ure

  • Shine/Desperation Song--Carbon Leaf

  • Personal Jesus--Depeche Mode
I like songs that keep me at a decent pace and put a little bounce in my step! I'm always looking for new things to add, so if you have any suggestions, please share!
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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

I used to listen to country music a lot more, before the world went a little bit crazy. I was a pretty big Garth Brooks fan, and I love this song. I heard it today, and I just felt like it needed to be shared.

When we’re free to love anyone we choose,
When this world’s big enough for all different views,
When we’re all free to worship from our own kind of pews,
Then we shall be free.

I wonder what the fans would think of Garth now…

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Favorite music video

I wasn’t sure how I was going to answer this one…then I saw this:

more info here

Something Embarassing In Your Room

Erm…well, if it’s that embarrassing, I’m probably not going to post it on my blog, now am I?

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Favorite Song

Okay, this one’s just impossible…so I’m going to go with “That, For Me, Is You”  by Jim Boggia, the song Rand and I danced to at our wedding.

First Dance


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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Favorite musician

Man, these are hard…

Well, I have to start with the one brought Rand and me together:

(Ron Hawkins)

And there are more after the jump.

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

(yes, I opted for “more wasting time on the internet, plz”)

Here they are, in no particular order

1. Don’t Stop Believin’–Journey

This song is actually currently my ringtone. Yes, I’m serious.

2. Without Me–Eminem

3. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree–KT Tunstall

4. Cold, Cold Heart–Midge Ure

5. I’d Like That–XTC

6. New Mistake–Jellyfish

7. Waterloo-ABBA

8. Short Skirt/Long Jacket–Cake

9. Wandrin’ Around–Carbon Leaf

10. Got to Get You Into My Life–The Beatles

11. Here on Earth (I’ll Have My Cake)–Crash Test Dummies

12. Just Can’t Get Enough–Depeche Mode

13. Ordinary Day–Great Big Sea

14. Geek in the Pink–Jason Mraz

15. My Baby Loves Me–Martina McBride

16. The Way You Make Me Feel–Michael Jackson

17. King of Spain–Moxy Fruvous

18. Hey Ya!–Outkast

19. Solar Circle Girl–Einstein’s Sister

20. Mr. Blue Sky–ELO

21. Ana Ng–They Might Be Giants

22. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It–Will Smith

23. Molly–Jackdaw

24. Cecelia–Simon and Garfunkel

25. Still Can’t Buy Me Love–Ookla the Mok

26. Bad Romance–Lady GaGa

27. Days Go On So Long–The Frogs

*by no means is this a list of the ONLY songs that make me happy…just a random list!

Cover me

Aug. 4th, 2009 01:42 pm
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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

So I final got around to reading this post at Mental Floss, featuring some of the author’s favorite cover versions of various songs. I found that I was familiar with (and a fan of) most of them…but I thought I’d share some of my faves that didn’t make that list.

Here’s Travis doing Britney’s “Baby One More Time”

Here’s a Ben Folds cover of a Dr. Dre song…really, really NSFW, so click this link with care!

And finally, Jonathan Coulton does “Baby Got Back”:

I know there are others…but what are your favorites? :)

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

pi day

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

In between proctoring midterms, I spent a lot of quality time in my classroom…grading, cleaning up, and all kinds of other little classroom tasks. This allowed me to spend some quality time with my favorite Internet radio station–Pandora.

I have a bunch of stations that I listen to, but the one I keep coming back to is this one. I named it something lame, like “mellow,” and I don’t remember what artist I used to create the station. Some of my old favorites there include Carbon Leaf, KT Tunstall, the Shins, and a few others that I can’t remember right now

But what I’m most interested in are the songs and artists Pandora suggests to me based on what I like…here’s a sampling of the artists that come up regularly on this station:

Fountains of Wayne
Howie Day
Jack Johnson
Glenn Tilbrook
Turin Brakes
Jump, Little Children (I saw them live several years ago, and liked them very much…I had kind of forgotten about them until they popped up in my station!

I *love* the Travis song that keeps coming up…it’s called “Side.”

The thing about Pandora is that they are a bit limited in the song selections. It’ll play an artist, and I’ll only get two or three songs by that artist playing on my station. So, I’d be very interested in hearing whether any of you have any recommendations based on the above list. Throw ‘em my way!

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Recently,  a conversation I had with Rand reminded me of this song, and this video, which makes me cry and cry. Admittedly, I’m an easy mark…but still. Here’s “Not That Different” by Collin Raye.


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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

I put up a post about music at the wedding blog. There will probably be another music post to come!

And speaking of music, the Great Big Sea concert was a blast! I will get around to posting, but in the meantime, photos are here. :)

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

As an aside–thanks to all who chimed in on the private post topic. I’ve made my decision, and all will be revealed very soon. ;)

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Greg Klyma, Tom Bianchi, Ookla the Mok at Broadway Joe’s.

Doors at 7:30

$10 cover

Later! :)

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

I posted the lyrics to Greg Klyma’s wedding song for us over at the wedding blog. I never did find them…I had to email Greg and ask him to send them to me. He happily obliged.

Speaking of Greg, don’t forget…show at Broadway Joe’s this Friday w/Tom Bianchi and Ookla! :) Details a few posts back.

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