Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:12 pm
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Dear Hollywood:

How many times will you make this movie?

I was going to make a whole list here, but look! Wikipedia already did it for me!


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This is tough, as I saw several movies that I liked, although they’re all very different.

Even though I didn’t see it until this weekend, I think I’m going to have to go with Tangled.

I love Disney movies. I love musicals. I’ve been lamenting the fact that Disney went so long without making a musical. So, I wondered, why Disney took such great pains to NOT LET ANYONE KNOW THIS WAS A MUSICAL. (with music by Alan Menken, no less…who also wrote the music for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin among others)

At any rate, Tangled was fantastic. I loved it, and it will soon find a place among my favorites. :)

Last year was a great year for animated features…I also saw Toy Story 3 (sob!) and How to Train Your Dragon.

For non-animated, well, I haven’t seen a lot of the big ones, but I did see (and very much enjoy) The Social Network. Great writing, great performances, and a compelling story out of something that didn’t seem like it could make for such a compelling story. I also enjoyed The Kids Are All Right.

What were your favorites, and what do I need to see?

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Favorite movie quote

You can’t really expect me to pick just one, can you? Well, I decided to try and use ones that are things I actually frequently say. Here’s a bunch, in no particular order. I’ll do it interactive-style. Feel free to guess the movie!

“I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.”

“It’s sucking my will to live.”

“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K”

“Baby Talk? That’s not a saying.”
“Oh, but Baby Fish Mouth is sweeping the nation?”

“Surely you can’t be serious?”
“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”

“That word. You keep using it. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Bonus (not movie quotes): two quotes from Mr. Show

“Because life is precious. And God. And the Bible.”

“You don’t know what words mean, do you?”

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Favorite Movie

My standard answer to this question is these three movies:

Read the rest of this entry »

Movie meme

Dec. 7th, 2008 06:27 pm
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The movie quote meme, which I saw first at So Anyway…

1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions.

Looks like we’ve got ‘em all, folks…thanks for playing! :)

1. I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you’re here at like the Gas ‘n’ Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers with no women anywhere? (Say Anything, Emma)

2. There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours. (The Princess Bride, Adam Selzer, Eden)

3. That’s it? Some faceless guy rips off all your clothes, and THAT’S the sex fantasy you’ve been having since you were twelve? (When Harry Met Sally, Emma, Eden)

4. I’ve loved two women in my life. I lost one to cancer, and I lost the other ’cause I was so busy keeping my job I forgot to do my job. (The American President, Emma, Adam Selzer)

5. I mean, Led Zeppelin didn’t write tunes everybody liked. They left that to the Bee Gees. (Wayne’s World, Eden)

6. Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Adam Selzer, Eden)

7. I’ll trade with anyone who has a Jacuzzi. (The Muppets Take Manhattan, Lyanne)

8. I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you’ll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me. (The Shawshank Redemption, Amanda/pafuts)

9. This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then - explode. (Serenity, voiceofkiki)

10. I got it! You daughter’s not your daughter, and the cash that used to be the jewels is now your underwear! (Oscar, guessed correctly by mom! Yay, mom!)

11. Oh, Joel Miller, you’ve just found the marble in the oatmeal. You’re a lucky, lucky, lucky little boy. ‘Cause you know why? You get to drink from the fire hose! (UHF, Adam Selzer)

12. In fact, I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare. (So I Married an Axe Murderer, Eden, Jenn)

13. It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*… (Beauty and the Beast, Eden, Deoris)

14. Son, if I’d only gotten to be a doctor for five minutes… now that would have been a tragedy. (Field of Dreams, Adam Selzer)

15. Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up. The Wedding Singer, Adam Selzer

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Lewis Rothschild: People want leadership. And in the absence of genuine leadership, they will listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership, Mr. President. They’re so thirsty for it, they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.

President Andrew Shepherd
: Lewis, we’ve had Presidents who were beloved who couldn’t find a coherent sentence with two hands and a flashlight. People don’t drink the sand ’cause they’re thirsty. They drink the sand ’cause they don’t know the difference.

I need to watch that movie again…


Oct. 6th, 2008 05:11 pm
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Well, my general blogging malaise is still with me, but I’m poking in to share a few brief things.

Don’t forget to stop by this post and let me know who you are!

I’ve tried to deal with the sluggish loading problem by removing some things from my sidebar. It seems to have helped a bit. If I ever get the energy, I might try a new theme and clean things up even more. Or, I might just move the whole thing over to wordpress so I don’t have to deal with all of the pain-in-the-butt issues that come withh hosting my own blog. Meh, I don’t know.

I’ve been baking a lot lately. It seems to be my current way of dealing with stress/creative outlet. I’ve taken a bunch of pictures, which I will one day upload. I’ll post recipes, too. My most recent successes have been breads. I made a pumpkin bread last week that was yummy, but for the fact that it got a teeny bit overcooked around the edges. And yesterday, I made a (white) batter bread that is also pretty tasty.

I’m a little bummed out about this whole Channel 4/Time Warner thing because of How I Met Your Mother. Thank goodness for the Internet, eh? I’m not likely to hop ship to a satellite service, because our cable comes with our condo association membership. Maybe this whole thing will be settled soon. Until then, iTunes will be my best friend.

I have watched none of Heroes (we watched 10 minutes into the premiere and got a little bored) or Chuck. Rand and I did watch Dirty Sexy Money last week, which we both continue to love.

I’ve now read most of A Raisin in the Sun, but have not yet started Of Mice and Men. I’d better get on that, as my class will be starting it later this week. (has anyone seen the recent version of A Raisin in the Sun w/Sean Combs aka Puffy or Puff Daddy or Diddy, or whatever name he’s using these days? I haven’t. Just curious.)

Okay, I need to step away from the computer now. Hope everyone’s having a happy Monday!

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It’s clear that I’m never going to get around to writing about all of the things I’ve been up to recently, so here is a bullet-point list in no particular order:

  • Went to see The Dark Knight. I didn’t like it as much as the rest of the world did, but neither did I dislike it. Rand thought Heath Ledger’s Joker voice was a little too Al Franken, and Christian Bale’s Batman voice drove me, um…batty. I thought the ending monologue was kind of stupid.
  • Visited with the Huths in Houghton, which was lovely. You can see my most recent flickr photos, which are of their yard/garden, and their adorable daughter.
  • Attended the wedding of Rand’s cousin.
  • Went to a family anniversary party out near Syracuse.
  • Watched some movies (and other fun stuff) with the nifty new Roku, from Netflix.
  • Survived a whole week of school, including schedule changes out the wazoo, broken copiers, and other mishaps.
  • Added a bunch of books to my “to-read” pile, but made little progress.
  • Also saw Tropic Thunder–hardly brilliant, but quite amusing.

There’s probably more, but that’s all I’ve got for now…

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While on our honeymoon, we veged out in the room a couple of evenings and watched some DVDs we brought along. We watched The Muppets Take Manhattan, which was timely, what with the wedding and all. That one always makes me cry. ;)

We also watched Never Been Kissed, which is one of my favorite cheesy girly flicks. I, of course, have seen it numerous times. Rand had never seen it, though.

And finally, we watched Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, courtesy of Netflix. Silly movie, of course, but I laughed quite a bit. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are hilarious together…so I am a bit interested in seeing Step Brothers. Oh, and Amy Adams is utterly adorable. Of course. ;)

This past week, we went out to the movies a couple of times. We saw Hancock, which was not even remotely the movie I thought it was going to be, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was nice to see Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron together again. (by the way, I barely recognized Charlize Theron through most of the movie, except as a pretty blonde woman I *knew* I was supposed to recognize. She’s sort of chameleonlike.)

*Mistah efff*

Moving on, for those of you who didn’t watch Arrested Development. ;)

We also saw Wall-E, which was every bit as good as everyone says it was.


Oh, VH1, you will be the death of me yet…I can walk away from the reality/dating shows, but I simply cannot get enough of your lists/I love the (insert decade of choice here), with your snarky comedians and actors. So yeah, a lot of that. We also watched VH1 Rock Honors–The Who (of course. You all know who I live with, right?), which was quite enjoyable.

Last night, we got sucked into Bender’s Big Score (the first Futurama movie) on Comedy Central, despite having seen it already.

On DVD, we’ve been watching Sex and The City (which you know already if you follow me on Twitter). Season 3, how I hate you. We finished it. Gah. Stupid Carrie. Stupid Big. Anyway.

We also got Spaced, and we watched the first episode. Looks fun. Very funny. Very British. I like.

Things I still want to see:

Mamma Mia. Oh, how I love love loved this cheesy stage show. Loved. And every time I see a preview for the movie, I grin like an idiot. Must see. Must see in theater.

Kung Fu Panda. This will probably be in the cheap theater soon. That’s okay with me.

Step Brothers. Already mentioned.

I kind of want to see Get Smart, but I can wait for DVD.

I’m not sure I want to see The Dark Knight, but I have a feeling I will.

See, here’s the thing…I liked the first Batman movie. I liked that it wasn’t overly dark and serious. I don’t like dark crime movies. They depress me. I’m sure it’s every bit as good as everyone says, but…eh.

So, what have you been watching?

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A funny

Jul. 1st, 2008 12:53 pm
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I have not seen Wanted, the new comic book movie based on the book by Mark Millar, starring Angelina Jolie and James MacAvoy, but Rand and John went to see it Friday night.

When they picked me up after the bachelorette festivities, they told me a little bit about the movie. Rand had filled me in a tiny bit on the source material, so they were telling me about some of the changes to the story.

There was one particular story element that I wasn’t quite sure I had remembered correctly. I thought perhaps I had dreamed it. So Saturday morning, I asked Rand…

Me: I can’t quite remember what you were telling me about the movie last night. There was something about a loom of…what?

Rand: Loom of Destiny.

Me: So I didn’t dream that.


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I was, as many were, very sad to hear of George Carlin’s death. I encountered Carlin’s standup more as an adult than as a kid, so one of my first experiences with George Carlin was as Bill and Ted’s most excellent guide Rufus.

rufus, bill and ted

RIP, George.

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Mind you, I’m not complaining. For one, it seems that the weather is finally starting to cooperate, at least somewhat. For another, it means only 11 1/2 days more of *classes* to go (they still have exams after that, but my life will be much easier).

By the way, it turns out that I’m going to be at this job until the official end of the school year. As long as they’re paying me, I can’t complain. ;)

I just don’t know where the time has gone is all. Finally, the fact that it is June 2 means that THERE ARE ONLY 40 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE WEDDING.

40 DAYS!

I am excited beyond words. I am also mildly panicking about the things still left to do. I’ll post more about the to-do list over at the wedding blog…

I also need to do the TC newsletter, which I always, always without fail, put off until the last moment. Ah, procrastination.

We had a nice weekend, which those of you who follow me on Twitter already know included seeing Iron Man. I loved it! I also watched the Lost finale, which I thought was very good. (One scene in particular had me weeping tears of joy. Those of you who watched it know which one!)

Slowly but surely, we are ridding the new place of boxes and putting things away. It feels really good…

And that is all. One more class to go for me, and I’m outta here. Enjoy the rest of your Monday! :)

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I had off Friday AND Monday, but I think I would be more rested if I had been at work! Here’s how my weekend went:


Planned to go to yoga Friday morning. Did not go. Tried to go get a mani/pedi and discovered that the salon I usually go to has closed. (there was a “for rent” sign in the window and everything…) Ran some errands. Sat at the chiropractor’s office for WAY too long. Shopped for some things we needed for the new place. Went to follow-up contact appointment and bought two boxes of contacts. Waited for Rand to get home. Left for St. Marys.

Trip to St. Marys was incredibly annoying…traffic on 219 into Springville backed up.

Arrived in St. Marys just in time for 7 pm showing of The Music Man at the high school, where my cousin Scott had the lead. He was fantastic (as was the rest of the production). Stayed up too late chatting and snacking with family.


Woke up. Helped mom make blueberry muffins. Got dressed and ready for second bridal shower (more details on this to come). Had a lovely time at bridal shower, and got lots of excellent goodies. Visited grandparents. Got ready to drive back to Buffalo. Stopped at Blasedell Pizza in Springville on the way back.

Watched some TV (The Cable Guy, which I had never seen, had shown on cable) and moved some more stuff from the apartment.


Slept in. Visited with my brother and SIL, who were on their way to Niagara Falls/Niagara on the Lake to celebrate their anniversary. They got to see the new place, and we went out for lunch at Anderson’s.

Lots more moving/unpacking, interspersed with bits of TV and a dinner break.


Slept in again. Went to Wegmans to pick up some cleaning supplies. Forgot oven cleaner, which was the main reason why I went. Went back to Wegmans. Headed over to apartment to finish packing/begin cleaning.

Toyed with the idea of paying someone to clean. Decided to suck it up and clean ourselves.

Emptied and cleaned most of the apartment (still left: kitchen floor, living room). Took lunch and dinner breaks. Rand watched 300 (I watched on and off, while hunting around the house looking for things I am missing…), and we headed back over to the apartment to go through the storage area in the basement. Moved or threw away most of that stuff.


We should easily finish cleaning and moving today. There’s not much left to do. But man, do I wish I had another day or two to unwind!

Whew. I should get back to work. Look for some photos and a wedding blog update soon! (46 days until the wedding–ACK!)

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So today was my first day at my new job. It went very well, but I’m beat. Not so much because the work was so exhausting, but because I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I got up way early so that I could get in and get settled. Other than some technical issues, which will hopefully be resolved tomorrow, all is well.

Over the weekend, we saw a couple of movies. Friday night, we went out to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I found very funny. (there was that one moment when I cried, though…darn Kristen Bell…) Saturday, we finally watched Enchanted, which has been sitting here since it was released on DVD. Squee! Loved it.

We’ve also been (re)watching the third season of Arrested Development, which is always fun.

Traded in another box of CDs for store credit…we went to Record Theatre, then to FYE with the stuff they wouldn’t take. I got a copy of Duma Key out of the deal, which I hope to find some time to read, uh, sometime.

And since I’m barely focusing at this point (seriously, I keep getting distracted by shiny things. it’s taking me way too long to finish this lame update entry), I’m going to call it a night and go do something that involves, like, zero brain cells.


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The weekend was fun, mellow and relaxing. Here are some of the highlights…

Spend Friday afternoon with a couple of Rand’s friends up from Houghton. We ate lunch at the Village Grille (best. hummus. ever.) and went to see Be Kind Rewind. I liked the movie. It was very funny, and also very touching.

Later, Rand and I watched The Darjeeling Limited, which Rand had just bought. It was as quirky as you would expect, coming from Wes Anderson, but enjoyable. I don’t think it was as good as Rushmore or The Royal Tenenbaums, but I liked it.

Saturday…breakfast and discussion of weddingstuff. Then grocery shopping. We also watched Once, which we’ve had sitting around from Netflix, oh, forever. I liked it a lot. We immediately purchased the soundtrack. (One note, though…could not stop crying. Seriously. I cried for about ten minutes after the movie was over.)

Sunday, we went out and played at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, looking for items we want to include on our registry.

Other things we watched over the weekend…a couple of episodes of Freaks and Geeks, a couple of episodes of Sex and the City (in watching the early episodes, I remember that I was a Carrie-Big fan. It was later that I jumped ship.) I’m probably forgetting something, but oh well.

And as always, the weekend went by too quickly, and I am at work. Happy Monday!

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Reading: This has been fairly well covered, but I did sneak in one more (short) book in the past few days–Abadazad-The Road to Inconcievable by JM DeMatteis and Mike Ploog. It’s the first in a series, and I found it very enjoyable.

Watching: It’s been a busy week!

In the theater: Juno, Charlie Wilson’s War, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Three very different movies, but I enjoyed them all.

I adored Juno. Precious? Yes, but also smart and funny and very well done. I loved the cast. I first encountered screenwriter Diablo Cody through Eden’s blog, and I was a semi-regular reader of her blog for a while.

I have three words to say about Charlie Wilson’s War–Philip. Seymour. Hoffman. He was fantastic. The story was interesting, and I was entertained by the type of dialog I’ve come to expect from Aaron Sorkin. Rand and I both noted, though, that it wasn’t particularly dramatic…the story had very little drama or tension. Tom Hanks was likable as the title character (duh), and Julia Roberts did a fine job in her role as well.

And Walk Hard was simply hilarious. The songs (many of which were written by Dan Bern) were great. In fact, we downloaded the complete soundtrack from iTunes. The cast was great, too.

What else? Slums of Beverly Hills, season 1 of Buffy (not quite finished), more season 2 of Earl, random episodes of The Office, Styx: Caught in the Act (HEE! awesome.), random bits of various New Year’s Eve countdowns. Probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten…

Listening: Walk Hard, the soundtrack. Styx (discovering some songs that I didn’t previously know…). Looking forward to listening to some of the CDs that I got for Christmas, including Veronica Mars (whee! thanks, Stephanie!!) and the mix I got from Samantha.

Happy 2008, everyone!

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It’s been a very busy few days, and will continue to be busy. I expect posting will be sparse this week. In the meantime, here’s the reading, watching, listening post I actually started on Friday.

Reading: Starman (ongoing). Just Listen, by Sara Dessen. I love, love, loved this book. I may write an extended review for my book blog, where I have not posted in months.

Watching: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original TV special, NOT the movie), Elf (with my kids at school, so I essentially watched it four times. I had never seen it before. Really, really funny…), more Season 5 Simpsons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Rand and I have begun watching the DVDs. I’ve seen most of them. He has not…), Mystery Men.

Listening: Greg Klyma and Ookla the Mok (the show at Madame Mocha’s was tons of fun, really.); Christmas music; Hawksley Workman; Larry Miller: Spoiled Rotten America.

And that’s all I have time for right now…enjoy your day!

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We now interrupt the relentless snow for a report of what Erin’s been up to:

Reading: Essays, journals, portfolios. A little bit of Starman by James Robinson, art by Tony Harris. More essays. 8th grade research paper outlines. It’ll break soon…

Watching: Bits of season 5 of The Simpsons. It’s funny…I’ll often grumble about watching The Simpsons (again), but I always laugh. I especially love watching the physical Homer stuff. For whatever reason, Homer getting injured is funny.

We also watched the last new episode of 30 Rock. Rand and I are both busy grading right now, so we’ll just take short breaks to watch something funny, then go back to it.

We have a mile-long list of movies we want to watch once we make it through the end of the semester. Here are some of them, in no particular order (some are more important to him, and others are more important to me):

Juno, The Darjeeling Limited, Sweeney Todd, The Mist, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Enchanted, Charlie Wilson’s War, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, No Country for Old Men, Into the Wild.
Also, some things I want to see on DVD: Once, Waitress, Hairspray…uh, I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember right now.

And one more–I am excited beyond words for the film version of Mamma Mia! It doesn’t open until next July, but I just watched the trailer and nearly wept with joy. (I saw the stage version–twice!)

Listening: Almost a Full Moon, Hawksley Workman. Currently hearing in the background: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Reading: Pride of Baghdad, and Ex Machina, vol. 6, both by Brian K. Vaughn. I have an issue of Buffy sitting here for me to read, and I might get to that today sometime.

Watching:  Finished watching Ed Wood, which was good, but really kind of sad. Poor Ed just had this relentless optimism that he was going to be the next Orson Welles. Martin Landau was amazing, and his Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi was well deserved.

Bender’s Big Score, the Futurama movie. I adore Futurama, and the movie had its moments, but it was nowhere near as good as the show.

The finale of Heroes. Gasp! Ack! Any speculation about what’s going to happen next?

And by the way, I am so sick of Sylar. I want him to go away and be, like, dead for good.

Rand and I are also slowly catching up on season 2 of My Name is Earl courtesy of Netflix, while also watching the current season. I’m happy that this week’s episode got Earl out of prison. I was really tired of that story.

Listening: I finally broke out the Christmas tunes this past week. I need to once again pimp the Hawksley Workman album Almost a Full Moon. (available at Amazon, Maple Music, and on iTunes)

I was listening to my Christmas playlist and “Merry Christmas, I Love You” came on, and that one always makes me a little bit weepy…

Immediately following that one, “O Holy Night” came on. Sigh.

And of course,  we had the Lowest of the Low show last night. More on that to come. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

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Originally published at erin-go-blog!. You can comment here or there.

Reading: Not really a whole lot at the present moment. I checked Just Listen by Sara Dessen and Inkspell by Cornelia Funke out of the school library. I started Inkspell, but didn’t get very far. I’m sure I’ll get around to finishing it, but so far, I’m not as captivated as I was by Inkheart.

I’ve still got a “to read” list a mile long…

Watching: Rand and I have been on a movie binge in the past week…

Reefer Madness–the musical version. The DVD also had the original film on it, so we watched enough of it to get the idea. I adore Kristen Bell, so I was over this.

Little Shop of Horrors–Rand couldn’t believe I’d never seen this. So now I have. :)

Jeffrey–a mid-90s AIDS comedy starring Steven Weber and Michael T. Weiss. Most people would know Steven Weber as the guy from Wings, and Michael T. Weiss as the guy from The Pretender. I did watch both shows…but I remember Michael T. Weiss as Dr. Mike Horton from Days of Our Lives. He was yummy. Anyway…Jeffrey starts out as a total slapstick comedy, very silly, and ends with some serious emotional stuff.

Pittsburgh–a Jeff Goldblum mockumentary. Er, sort of. Jeff Goldblum does a regional theater production of The Music Man in Pittsburgh so his Canadian girlfriend (a musical theater actress) can stay in the country on a work visa. He plays Harold Hill, and his girlfriend plays Marian. He gets Ed Begley Jr. and Ileana Douglas to star in the show as well. The thing is…it all actually happened. I mean, of course they went a little over-the-top for the movie, which is what made it a mocumentary rather than an actual documentary, but it was very funny.

Ed Wood–the topic of Ed Wood and his films came up while having breakfast with Lisa last weekend. Rand saw this when it came out, but I did not, so we decided to get it. (actually, not quite finished with this. more later…)

Also keeping up with my regular TV watching, but I don’t have much to say about that. I’m *loving* 30 Rock. Tina Fey is awesome.

Listening: Been listening to a lot of Soul Coughing lately, because Rand’s been on a kick. That’s okay, because I’m enjoying it. Also, some other stuff that I’ve forgotten.

Of course, this past weekend was a live music extravaganza, but more on that later…

Don’t forget to share your own reading/watching/listening experiences, and make suggestions if you like. Happy Monday!

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